Monday, March 30, 2009

Kicking off a New Website


Our website for Your Precious Portraits is now up and running.  It has been very exciting and a whole new learning curve.  Even blogging is new although I have visited many of them. On this blog I will tell you the stories behind the digital paintings created for our customers on our new website. These are your stories as well as mine. 

Norman has been working on many digital paintings for our new website.  He did one recently of my son Gavin's dog Chopper.  Gavin had recently bought his first new house.  He did not have much to move in let alone hang on the walls.  His Dog Chopper became a natural for his first painting to hang in his new abode.

Gavin gave me a 4x6 photo which became the inspiration for his new painting. The eyes from the photo were filled with the reflection of the flash, but Norman was able to capture the sweet look of a dog faithfully waiting for his master.

We printed it on canvas and Gavin gave his approval.  Now he is waiting for a frame. Something nice that will work in Gavin's new home.

Now that our site is up, I will continue to add more tidbits about the one's photos being transformed into paintings to treasure.  You can have your photo and painting through featured here on this blog as well as your story behind the photo.