Thursday, July 23, 2009

Painting General Grant

A dear friend of ours, Ken Bach, is a civil war re-enactor.

He has spent two years researching Grant's life in order to portray the part of the General at many festivals and historical Civil War re-enactments throughout Ohio.

He recently showed us a photo taken of him in character.
Unfortunately the photo brings his character to the 21st century.

So Norman took on the task of putting Grant back into his own century. Norm illustrated Ken's Grant with a look of a nineteenth century painting. Norm researched painting techniques and color palettes used during that time period and came up with the painting below.

Norm also took the liberty of redesigning the photo for a more historical flavor with that aged looked of being stored in someone's attic after being passed down from one generation to another.

It was fun to do as well as a different kind of challenge. Ken's Grant is now back in the nineteenth century where he belongs.