Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Maria: from Black and White to Color

Maria's children and grandchildren asked her for a good picture of her. Maria soon discovered that she didn't have many good pictures. She had passport pictures, but not much else. 

She did discover a 2"x 3" black and white photo taken of her many years ago. 

She was 18. 

It wasn't much, but she asked Norman if he could come up with something.

Knowing her coloring, that is eye, hair, and skin coloring, is key to creating a painting from a black and white photo. She also gave us an old passport photo for color reference.

We liked the old black and white which captured not only her youth, but had a sense of beauty and romance not found in the passport picture.

Maria comes to life!

So much richer than the tiny black and white wallet sized photo warn with time.

Now she has a beautiful portrait; an heirloom to pass on to her family.
The beauty of it being digital is she can obtain more than one copy and request size changes.

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