Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweetness in a Pink Dress

Sometimes sweetness just passes your way.

Last year when Norman and I were showing his work at one of the summer festivals in Ohio, this little girl past by our tent with her parents. Norman snapped her photo as she passed by the kettle corn venders.

While reviewing the photos he took, this sugared perfection jumped out at us as great inspiration for a painting.

I love portraits of children. I am not quite sure why, but maybe because it relates to the child within all of us. The little green hat and purse with the pink flowers sweetened the image all the more.

Of course the background setting had to go. She needed another setting that would show off her sweet femininity. 

A little garden by the side walk would do nicely; as if she just skipped down the steps and checked to see if there was anything that she had forgotten before she went on her way.

I guess I am a romantic at heart. 

Come visit our children's gallery to see more of Norman Drake's portraits.

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