Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Congratulations! You Won A Family Portrait!

Every once in a while we will donate free individual portrait to charity within a certain size range. It not only helps charities raise money, but it is like free advertising.

That is how we met Vicki and Gary Schar. 
They won the bid for a free portrait.

But what we discovered was, the portrait they wanted was of seven people! They wanted a portrait of their whole family. They brought tons of photos, but what was important was that they were all together.

After going through several photos we found a  photo of the Schar family all together by the lake. This seemed like a winner.

Even so the photo we selected to use as reference presented some challenges.

But then again we love a challenge and that is where the fun comes in.

 This is what we came up with.

 The portrait measures 30"x 24".  A family summer memory down by the lake now captured on canvas to warm and grace one of the walls of the Schar's living room.

T H A N K S   T O   G A R Y   A N D   V I C K I   S C H A R !
and to their beautiful family, for sharing your story and allowing us to paint your portrait.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rocky River Art Festival

I can't believe it is October and I am finally posting these pictures! Here is Rocky River's Art Festival that was held in mid September.

We had added some new paintings, reframed some older ones, and reprinted some on our Espon 9900 which has a wider color gamut and boast of eleven in colors. We were busy! We did a dry run the night before to see how the mix of paintings would fit on the lattice walls of our tent.

Norman also worked on reinforcing the latticework on the walls of our gazebo like tent which paid off in the set up early Saturday morning. We got our favorite spot which is on the end or the beginning depending where you enter the festival.  This end affords us a little more space as well as charm.

Norm kept watch while I took a break to check out the other venders. 

Here are some shots of the interior of our tent. 

Here are two framed prints of some of Normans more personal paintings. The top is one is a painting of a small town on the outer banks of North Carolina and the bottom is of the metro parks in Bayvillage, Ohio.

This is a close up of the interior folding wall that shows two of Norman's three children on the right.

This wall features many portraits that Norm has done for clients.

Here Norm catches me on camera above getting ready to talk with visitors.

Finally a chance to chill. All in all we couldn't have asked for better weather. We even got a chance to meet and talk with the Mayor of Rocky River! At first Norman thought I was kidding when I went to introduce her to him. I wonder if he thinks I am a bit of a prankster. 
All in all is was a beautiful day.