Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Here is Norm's Newest Painting

Two missionaries, Elders Flinders and Harrman, came to visit Norm and I for dinner.  They saw some of the work Norman had been working on and later came to us to commission a painting of the Kirtland Temple in Kirtland, Ohio.

Here is their story:

"As missionaries, we leave our home and families to serve full time 
in various areas around the world. For two years we do a lot of 
growing as we face trials and difficulties unforeseen to us. In each 
mission around the world, young men and women like us are under 
the direction of a mission president who directs, inspires, and 
instructs missionaries under him during their service. Like us he is
called to give of his time and talents, leave his home, and serve 
others. Unlike us, he is also a husband, a father, and grandfather,
with a life of responsibilities we do not yet have at 19 or 21.

Our mission president becomes a father figure while away from home. 
President Peterson is conducting three years of dedicated, loyal, and 
selfless service. He exemplifies all the qualities of love, patience, and 
resolve that every great leader must in order to better lift those he 

As Elder Flinders and I thought of a gift we could purchase in behalf of 
our mission for President Peterson, we knew it had to be unique. It 
had to be something that would last, and something that would 
remind him of the love, we as missionaries, felt for him. As we brains-
stormed we remembered the unique artwork we had seen by Norman 
Drake. It seemed to just click! A painting! Not just any painting, 
however. This particular building is a unique symbol to our mission 
and church as it is the first temple to be built by the church over 100 
years ago. President Peterson loved this place, and we knew such a 
symbol, depicted in such a way, would be a perfect gift from us to 
him; a leader we have come to admire and love."

The photo that was supplied was taken by President Petersen.

H A P P Y F A T H E R ' S D A Y !  

Check out the before and after on our website.

Monday, June 8, 2009

All Smiles

We have been on vacation down in Emerald Isle, NC along the Crystal Coast, where we got a chance to visit Norm's youngest son, Josh and his girl friend Danielle.  Josh is a Marine, recently back from Iraq.  He and Danielle get little time together due to distance and schedules, but we were all able to meet over Memorial Day weekend which was wonderful reunion indeed!

The above is a painting Norman did of his son when he graduated from boot camp some 2 years ago. Below is a painting of Danielle, his girl friend, that Norm painted from a digital photo Josh took. The painting is apply titled Secrets at the Beach.

We now have a new set of photos from our recent vacation that Norman will work on to add to the site that I will feature in upcoming blogs along with other works in progress.  

To be continued...