Saturday, July 6, 2013

Winter is Coming!

It has been a long time since I have written about Norman's work.  Norman and I have been off line for multiple reasons. One is he has been helping me get my artwork ready for the Lakewood Art Festival this August 3rd, in which we both will show our work. Two, he took a spill on our roof while fixing the chimney, dislocating his finger and tearing a ligament in his shoulder which meant rehab so he could move his arm. Then there was my mother's illness, passing, and funeral. And of course the delightful addition of my grandson who we watch for part of the week. Of course that means we get little done except for diapers and bottles. Somehow I never thought retirement equaled being busy, but so far it has been just that. Now Norman is thinking of getting back in his groove and doing some personal work along with work for clients.

This piece was done for a client based on some of her photography of scenes that she loves. It is always interesting to see what images a client connects to. What memories it stirs. I always think of a painting as the rose colored glasses of our imaginations of the past. They add a bit of romance or atmosphere. Where photos are like a recording of a past moment, a painting captures a dream. 

Being July, winter seems like a long way off, but has author George RR Martin writes: "Winter is coming!"