Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Portraits can Make Great Christmas Gifts

I hate to think that Christmas is around the corner. It is already the end of October. So often I panic when I think of Christmas presents. A painting might be a great solution!

The little girl in the above painting is the sister of the Bride in the picture below in the previous blog entry. Below is a photograph taken at the wedding that her sister gave us for the inspiration of a painting.

Many of us have great photos of loved ones tucked away in photo albums that would make a great portrait painting, let alone a great gift, especially for those that are hard to buy for.

What is nice about a digital painting is that copies can be made for other members in the family. Check out our website to get some ideas.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Here is Norm's Newest Painting

I asked Norman to start doing more bridal portraits since he has done only a few. I had seen some bridal photos of a friend of ours and asked her permission for Norm to work on doing a bridal series. This is the first one. Hopefully there will be a couple more.