Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Second Thoughts

When we printed the original version of this painting their were four people on the beach. It is funny how you can like something on screen and then when you print it, you have second thoughts. 

Norm and I both came to the conclusion to take out the sitting fisherman and change the clouds.
You can see the original on the March posting of this year and let us know if you like this version better. 

We have just come back from Emerald Isle, NC where this painting was inspired from. Norm had taken many pictures of beach with and without people. 

Here is a close up of the guys on the beach where Norm used suggestive detail.

The painting is 30" X 20" in size.

For me it captures those times we'd walk the beach seeing those who love to fish by the breaking waves of the ocean.

Sweetness in Pink

I confess it has been a busy May and I have had no time for blogging. Finally I have time to post some new updates. 

Here is a portrait Norman did of a precious little girl. Occasionally we offer a portrait in a charity donation as this one above.  We offered an 14" X 18" size which was a great deal.

This was a fun one and a pleasure to do working with her mom to capture the true sweetness of her daughter. Check out our children portraits on http://yourpreciousportraits.com Look for the link for Children Portraits on the home page.